Account terms and conditions

Standard Sales Process – This process includes all of our educational and pre-qualification steps to make sure that the candidate is ready willing and able to buy your franchise.  We then set up an introduction zoom call with you for the handoff to your sales and on-boarding team and process. This option requires that you pay us a commission of 40% of your initial franchise fee.  To choose this option select it below to authorize the commission agreement. 

Full-Service Sales Process – This option features our team staying with you to help you move the candidate through the remaining steps in the sales and on-boarding process.  This includes the facilitation of a virtual discovery day event with your team as the featured executive team, scheduling of FDD review, territory evaluation and mapping assistance, Discovery/Decision Day, and training scheduling and registration.  This option requires that you pay us a commission of 60% of your initial franchise fee.  To choose this option select it below to authorize the commission agreement. 

This Agreement is made as of the date the franchisor accepts these agreement terms by and between Franchise Marketing Group Inc. DBA Franchise Bible Coach (Consultant) and The Franchisor that accepts this agreement (Client).  

1. Parties agree that Client shall permit Consultants’ brokers to represent it for the purpose of qualifying Candidates through use of its proprietary methods developed by the consultants. Such representation shall be on a non-exclusive basis. 

to Consultants Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is agreed that:  

2. Fees  

Standard Franchise Sales - Commission Fee - At such time as the “Closing” occurs, the Client agrees to pay directly to Consultants a commission of 40% of the initial franchise fee (IFF).  

Full Service Franchise Sales - Commission Fee - At such time as the “Closing” occurs, the Client agrees to pay directly to Consultants a commission of 60% of the initial franchise fee (IFF). 

For purposes of this Agreement, a “Closing” means that the Candidate and Client have signed a definitive agreement between them, which may be a franchise agreement, area development (or similar) agreement, or an area representative agreement, as each such term is defined by the then-current rules and regulations governing franchising in their country and state. Should a Candidate fail or refuse to close for any reason, then no Commission is due. If after the formal introduction, the Candidate directly contacts the Client with the intent of excluding Consultants from the process, and as a result of such direct contact, the Client Closes with this Candidate, then the Commission shall be due. Commissions will be paid to Consultants within three business days of the execution of the corresponding agreement.  In the event that you negotiate a payment plan or financing to the candidate, the full commission is due to us upon execution of the corresponding agreement. 

Note: Your account is totally free.  You only pay when a candidate buys a franchise as a result of the Franchise Fast Track system.