1. If I participate in Franchise Fast Track, won’t that violate my Website Privacy Policy?

You are not selling or even giving your contacts to Franchise Fast Track. You are simply using our automated invitation system to introduce our system to your contacts much like you would use the Evite system to invite your contacts to an event or Survey Monkey to send surveys to your contacts.

  • They receive one email invitation from you by name.
  • They only receive one invitation email. They have to opt in from there to continue.
  • If they don’t opt in, they do not receive any other contacts from Franchise Fast Track.
  • If they complete the Franchise Fast Track quiz and are interested in the franchise opportunity(s) that they match with, they have to opt in again to authorize the corresponding franchisor(s) to send them information.
  • They are in control of the entire process and will not be solicited by Franchise Fast Track.
  • Franchise Fast Track will do nothing with the leads that do not request information from us.

2. Do I have to pay to participate?

Not a penny! You can sign up for free and start using the system. If you choose to sell a franchise to a prospect that was matched with your franchise opportunity, you pay a one-time success fee of only $5,000.

3. How do I get paid for the mismatched/dead leads that I introduce to Franchise Fast Track?

Once you have identified that a contact in not a match for your franchise you can simply enter them into our invitation system. You can enter a single lead or batch load a CSV file for groups of leads. These contacts are flagged in the system and assigned to you. Once they purchase a franchise from any participating brand, we will pay you $1,000.

4. What if other brands enter the same contact that I upload?

Only the originating brand is assigned to a contact. The brand that is first to invite a contact is flagged in the system and will receive the $1,000 success fee. Duplicate leads will be removed from the system automatically so the contact does not get multiple invitations and franchisors will be notified immediately if a particular contact has already been invited to participate in the program.

5. What if one of my mismatched leads comes back to buy my franchise?

No worries. If you introduce one of your mismatched leads to the Franchise Fast Track system and they end up buying your franchise anyway, you don’t pay anything.

6. Why do I have to upload my sold territories?

One of the most common reasons that people don’t end up buying franchises is territory availability. This is one of the most important factors with the Franchise Fast Track system since the candidates are only matched up with brands that have available territories in their desired area.

7. How do I update the system when I sell new territories?

You can simply log into your Franchise Fast Track account whenever you sell new franchises and add the sold territory zip codes. The system will automatically update the database and you will no longer receive matches for the sold territories.

8. Can I change my company information?

Yes. You can log in to your Franchise Fast Track account anytime to change your company information. Your changes will automatically update the database and website.