Deal Accelerator

Many franchisors report that their internal franchise development people often get bogged down with prospects that need some extra attention getting through the discovery process.

Delays happen for a number of reasons. Lack of familiarity with franchising and franchise documents, the inability to secure financing, lack of knowledge about site selection and build-out, and territory challenges are among the most common issues.

Because the road can be choppy, many of these prospects get lost in the shuffle and eventually fall out of the process all together. Chances are, you have already started the discovery process with a number of prospects who have expressed interest in your brand but are not moving forward. If they never close, their dreams of business ownership are dashed and your system will miss out on the royalties that their success could have brought to your brand.

The Franchise Fast Track Deal Accelerator allows franchisors to simply upload challenging prospects to our system for processing assistance. Our team will begin by identifying the bottlenecks and problem areas, we will offer solutions and guidance, and continue to move them through your process.

Once you set up your free account and upload a prospect, they will receive an introductory email with your signature and franchise brand name, explaining that we are here to help.

Let us expedite your challenging leads so you can close more sales. If our assistance leads to a signed Franchise Agreement with your brand, we charge a success fee of only $5,000, which is significantly less than the going rate of franchise brokers. If the prospect never signs a Franchise Agreement with your brand, you pay nothing.

We have found that by sending your prospects an email that comes from you, open rates and follow through increase significantly and the offer of additional assistance is often the encouragement they need to continue to pursue their dreams of franchise ownership.  You can preview the email message by clicking here.

Check Franchise Fast Track frequently asked questions.