Lead Share Program

Wouldn't You Love to Have Access to the Mismatched Leads of Other Successful Franchise Brands? 

Consider this:  99% of the 1.5 million leads that enter the franchise system each year don't become franchise owners either because they are not a match with the franchise brand they are considering or the territory they want is no longer available.  These are people who have already decided to buy a franchise but they need a brand to partner with.

You can now present your franchise to these candidates!  Our system matches candidates based on business suitability, investment level and territory availability.

You Don’t Need To Generate More Leads! You Just Need To Close More Deals!

Most franchisors agree that the best leads are the ones that are engaged and responsive. Regardless of the source of the leads, the responsive potential franchisees rise to the top and have the resilience to make it through the discovery process.

Most also report that the vast majority of these leads do not end up buying their franchise due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Their territory or desired location is unavailable
  • They can't get the funds or financing to purchase
  • They don’t resonate with the brand or the business model
  • They don’t have the business acumen
  • They do not possess the required prerequisite experience or education level
  • They lose faith in the franchisor
  • They don’t like the franchise model
  • They get a job
  • They are dreaming but will never own a business
  • They experience an unexpected life crisis

These prospects may not buy your franchise but many of them are already qualified and may be interested in and motivated to buy someone else's franchise. Wouldn’t you love to have access to thousands of leads that are at the same stage for other brands that may be a great fit for your franchise?

The Franchise Fast Track Lead Share Program allows you to simply upload your mismatched leads to our system once you identify that they are not a good fit to purchase your franchise. Once you set up your free account and upload these prospects they will receive an introductory email with your signature inviting them to enter our system to find the perfect franchise match.

Monetize Your Mismatched or Dead Leads!

Now you can get paid regardless of the franchise they end up purchasing. We pay you $1,000 for every lead that ends up buying a franchise from any participating member franchisor. All leads are tracked from the originating source as they move through the discovery process. Only one originating franchisor is able to upload each lead on a first-come-first-serve basis so we have no duplicates. Get on the Fast Track to replenishing your marketing budget now by setting up your free account and uploading your dead leads.

What Does It Cost?

There is no cost to set up your account or to upload leads.  If you close a deal with a franchise prospect who came through Franchise Fast Track, there is a flat-rate transaction fee of only $5,000 vs. a percentage of your initial franchise fee.  $1,000 of the transaction fee you pay is paid back to the originating franchisor lead source.

The Franchise Fast Track invitation program is a fast and easy platform to introduce your mismatched leads to our system. They will then have the option to use the free system to find the best franchise match. Once you upload leads they will receive one email invitation with your name and franchise brand name. We have found that this increases the open rate and follow through. You can preview the email message by clicking here

Check Franchise Fast Track frequently asked questions.